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Denso GmbH is recognized worldwide as a leading company in the production of PE/Butyl tapes and mastic , Petrolatum tapes and Marine protect for corrosion protection for Oil & Gas ,water and pile pipes. Corrosion protection systems are satisfactorily used by major Oil, Gas and Water companies for;
• Coating of new pipes
• Coating of fittings
• Pipeline “re-vamping”
• Pipeline Joints
• Pipeline rehabilations
• Marine Protect Strong brands for enduring protection;
DENSO® Petrolatum tapes and mastics: DENSO® tapes have been used successfully across the world as corrosion prevention solutions for pipelines, pipeline components (such as fittings and flange connections) and metal constructions.
DENSOLEN® PE/butyl tapes and mastics: Many millions of metres of DENSOLEN®-PE/butyl tapes and mastics have been used successfully across the world as field joint coatings and during full pipeline coating and rehabilitation work. They are easy to apply and also self-amalgamating, with the fused layers forming a water and oxygen-tight protective hose.
Perar’s production includes Ball Valves in sizes from 1/2″ to 60″ ANSI classes in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Super Duplex Steel, Alloy Steel, Incoloy-Monel, 6Mo, Titanium.
Perar products are created as per Customer’s requirements and has a Hi-Tech production process.
DENSOMAT® Application devices: Using the DENSOMAT® application system, you can apply DENSOLEN® tapes and tape systems quickly and easily in compliance with the specified overlap and wrapping tension.
PALIMEX® Protection & Ventilation tapes: Co-extruded PALIMEX® Protective & Ventilation tapes provide permanent and reliable protection for buried steel and cast iron pipelines.
DENSOLID® Liquid coating: Spray and spread coatings for highest requirements for welding seams, soil to air interface areas and for trenchless pipe laying.
MarineProtect™ Jetty Pile Protection: Corrosion and weathering protection for metal, concrete piles or wood in the splash zone of moles and harbors. Simple application above the water as well as under water. Denso GmbH systems ensure;
• Coating with high adhesion to the metal and high resistance to catholic dismounting
• Remarkable speed during in service maintenance of the pipes
• Corrosion protection in the welding joints of the piping, no blister formation and keep humidity from depositing between the metal wall and the tapes

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