In 1993, when HDM Foreign Trade was established, based on the backgrounds of partners, consented areas of activity were to service pipeline and related fields.

Based on the decision and analyzing the near future market requirement of those days, we started our portfolio with cold applied PE pipe and joint coating material .

In 1995, Perar S.r.l / Italy, one of the leading ball valve manufacturers in the sector, was added, to cover project requirements.
In 1996, relying on the established track record in our field of activities, our company went through a series of changes, structuring the organization to service, mainly pipeline projects. Within the reorganization, focus was on different service/material requirements of pipeline projects and we started diversifying our range of activities and products.

Canusa-CPS / Canada, for Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, became our anchor product in 1996. Our information network, in junction with assessment of changing project requirements, put our organization in a leading position for pipeline joint coating activities.

Milestone for HDM came in 1999. We started to service the pipeline industry with equipment rental/sales, automatic joint welding and non-destructive inspection services; representing CRC Evans / USA (Pipeline International and Automatic Welding divisions), APPLUSRTD / Holland (Pipeline and Industrial Applications divisions) .

The same year, in order to increase our effectiveness and accommodate first-hand decision making with main client based activities; think-tank crew of the organization is relocated to Ankara.

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Company Development

In 2002, based on market demands and for increased efficient and effective servicing, our pipe manufacturing division has set up as an independent identity, named HDM Steel Pipe Industry and Trade Inc.

In 2009 – 2018 :
- Galperti
- Laurini S.r.L.
- CDB Engineering
- PSI Pipeline Services International GmbH & Co.KG
- Petro IT
- Euro Pipeline Equipment ( EPE )

has been added to our portfolio with their internationally very well known capacity , services and products .
Within our history of 15 years, decisive management controls, early assessment and adaptation to market requirements made us one of the leading companies in our region for all pipeline projects completed and under construction. Main success of our company relies on our activities in the construction field, serving as a value added partner to both the contractor and our represented company and this has been our motto, since our commencement date. Being on the field with our representation, helping out with their local obstacles and working as a training/consulting office for the contractors, helping them to maximize their throughput, put us ahead among our competition.

By studying our reference list, one can evaluate capabilities of HDM; but what we have done is our reference of what we will do in the future.

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